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Dubai Personal Styling Exclusively For All

Fashion can be daunting

Working out what you want, what you need and most importantly, what suits you isn’t always easy.


Tirelessly trekking around Dubai's shops and malls only to come home despondent and fed up, not only wastes precious time but can also be utterly soul destroying!


Who hasn’t wasted money and time buying items that remain unloved and unused?  Who doesn’t regularly open the doors of a bulging wardrobe only to feel the rising panic of ‘not having a thing to wear'!

We’ve all been there and as looking good is so linked to feeling good I aim to help edit and build you a wardrobe which leaves you confident in any situation.

Through my passion and styling experience I have helped numerous men and women, of all shapes and sizes, streamline their style in a practical, nurturing way, helping create a wardrobe that works for you personally whatever your circumstance.


I aim to put the fun back into fashion by taking the stress away and helping build a unique and individual wardrobe that makes you feel instantly younger, slimmer and utterly fabulous!

Tailored made for you, each initial session includes a style, shape and colour analysis to help you see a clear vision for your style and wardrobe needs.

You can then book me for a rejuvenating wardrobe edit before embarking on a personal shopping experience dedicated to making you feel great and more confident about how you look.

But if you’re not sure what you need or where to begin just give me a call and we can have a coffee and a chat; together we can then plan your first steps towards looking great and ultimately feeling fabulous!


Services & Prices

Personalised Colour, Shape & Style Consultation
Clothes Hanging
Wardrobe/Style Edit
(includes Personalised Colour, Shape & Style Consultation)
Girl Holding Shopping Bags
Personal Shopping
(includes Personalised Colour, Shape & Style Consultation)

AED 250



Your first session with me will always include a personalised colour, shape and style consultation. This enables you (and I) to understand from the get-go the styles that suit and the colours you should be looking for (and of course, what to avoid!)

The right style of a piece of clothing in the right shade will make you glow– melting away years and pounds or creating shape should curves be needed.

This initial consultation is the foundation to building your personal style and will instantly make your fashion choices easier and is guaranteed to make you feel instantly more confident.

AED 850

Half Day

Taking time to edit and organise you current clothes immediately reveals what already works for you. This means that in just a few hours you’ll find yourself with an organised wardrobe as well as a much greater understanding of how to find looks for every aspect of your life in the future.

I’ll help you put together lots of stylish outfits and can even create a photographic gallery, laying out a whole ‘look’ from top to toe so as to ensure total ease when getting dressed in the morning. Suddenly you will be able to make the most of all your wardrobe, not just 20% of it!

AED 1,500

Full Day


During the personal shopping experience we will fill any gaps in your existing wardrobe, making sure you’re clear about your personal style and the clothes that meet your needs - leaving you feeling confident and looking great in any situation.

I highly recommend a full consultation and edit of your wardrobe prior to a shop; however there are some exceptions eg shopping for a special occasion outfit or activity such as weddings/parties or holidays.


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